Mile Stones


  • The Beginning B.T Programme started in hutments across roads


  • M.Ed programme began

  • Alok, the Institute Annual magazine takes birth

  • Psychology wing initiated


  • Shifted to present building

  • Ph.D. students registerd

  • C.I.E Alumni Association Started


  • B.T. Converted to B.Ed.

  • Experimental Basic School, Nursery Department, started.

  • C.I.E Record-quarterly report initiated


  • Shakti Bhawan hostel for men in the present karamchari quaters.

  • Publication of Students in Education and Psychology-Summaries of dissertation.

  • Lectures by Eminent speakers.

  • Reports of Research studies and projects.

  • C.I.E Co-operative store started.

  • Research Study circle (participants from various Departments, of Delhi  University, Defence Psychology wing and others)


  • First Ph.D Scholors- Sri Suresh Shukla and Km. Snehlata Puri- selected on All India Research fellowship.

  • Sreebhavan (hostel) ready for girls.

  • First educational excursion outside Delhi.

  • Orientation Courses for teachers began.

  • Shanti Bhavan, renamed Shakti Bhavan, as the men Shifted to the present hostel.


  • Child GuidanceCenter and Audio-Visual Unit set up.

  • Many more new circles such as future Teachers' circle (for undergraduates) Art Teachers' circle began.

  • Psychology Intelligence Tests-both Verbal and  Non-Verbal-Standardized on Delhi population were brought out.


  • A quarterly journal-Educational Forum began us publication by the Alumni Association.

  • Central Bureau of Educational and Vocational Guidance (CBEVG) and Central Bureau of Text-Book Research (CBTR) set up as  independent units on C.I.E premises Extension Service Department, setup formally, enhancing collaboration with Schools and teachers was begun in 1953.


  • Students' panchayat constitution formed.

  • Unesco club, Planning Forum, Model Community Centre came into  existance.


  • "Basu Memorial Prize" instituted, for debates organised for Delhi School  teachers.


  • Department of Extension Programmes in Secondary Education(DEPSE)  set up. The C.I.E Extension department continued to function separately.

  • DEPSE, CBEVG, CBTR, Department of Audio Visual Aids, C.I.E, all came under the umbrella of N.I.E (National Institute of  Education), which became the core of NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training )


  • B.Ed (Correspondence) and M.Ed. (evening, part-time) courses started.


  • Transferred to Central Institute of Education In Delhi University from NCERT.


  • M.Phil. Programme started.


  • C.I.E became the Department of Education, Delhi University.


  • Maulana Azad Center for Elementary and Social Education (MACESE) and Institute of Advance Studies in Education (IASE) started.


  • Golden Jubilee Foundation Day and Golden Jubilee Year celebrated.