Ph.D. Colloquia/Special Lectures/Seminars - 2013

Date Presenter Topic
13.12.2013 Ms. Ravneet Kaur Representation of Childhood in Popular Bollywood Cinema.
06.12.2013 Mr. Rishabh Mishra Mapping the Knowledge Topography: A Critical Appraisal of Geography Textbooks Questions
22.11.2013 Ms. Garima Aggarwal

Construction of Self inside the Classroom from a Bakhtinian Perspective.

22.11.2013 Mr. Raghevendra Prapanna "भाषा-शिक्षण का शिक्षणशास्त्रीय एवं सामाजिक दार्शनिक जगत"
08.11.2013 Ms. Anchal Arora Ability and Achievement in Elementary Mathematics : A Critical Appraisal.
08.11.2013 Ms. Rajni Sharma Women Education in India : In Context of Five Year Plans.
01.11.2013 Ms. Mamta Singhal Representation of Nature of Science in the Undergraduate Science and Teacher Education Programme (B.Ed.)
25.10.2013 Ms. Bhavna Development of a Mathematics Curriculum: A Culturally Responsive Approach.
18.10.20-13 Mr. Rumesh Chander A Study of Paradigmatic Variation in the Comprehension of Physical and Social Reality
04.10.2013 Mr. Anthony Reflective Practice: Exploring its Reality and Rhetoric.
11.09.2013 Mr. Bhupinder Kumar राजनैतिक विचारधाराऔं में समानताः शैक्षिक निहिताथों का अध्ययन (भारत के परिप्रेक्ष्य में)
04.09.2013 Ms. Huma Ansari Modernity Teaching and the New Teacher
04.09.2013 Ms. Nidhi Gaur Learning Through Crafts : A Narrative of a visit to Anand Niketan.
07.08.2013 Mr. Vinod Kumar Kanvaria Quasi-Experimental Interdisciplinary Study : A Case from Mathematics Education and Technology.
31.07.2013 Ms. Sheela Rajeshwari Education of children with special needs : A Case study of the state of Uttrakhand.
01.05.2013 Ms. Gagandeep Bajaj Inclusive Education: Voice of the Visually Challenged Student.
17.04.2013 Ms. Sonia Andrew Rational Number Constructs: Understanding the Examples and Questions.
17.04.2013 Ms. Sawan Kumari Comparing Reading in First and Second Languages.
12.04.2013 Mr. K.B. Jinan How Schooling IMPACTS (Kills) Creativity Culture and Soul.
10.04.2013 Ms. Nidhi Gulati Construction of Childhood in Europe and India.
10.04.2013 Ms. Smiriti Sharma Teacher Education in India: A Historical Perspective.

Prof. John Chathanatt, S.J. (Research Director),  Indian Social Institute, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

The Indian Experiences in the Globalised World: Lessons for Peace and justice.

20.03.2013 Ms. Violet R. Macwan Science Education at Tertiary Level : Teachers' Beliefs and Practices.
20.02.2013 Prof. Salil Mishra  (Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Delhi) Contemporary Challenges in the Research and Writing of Indian History.
13.02.2013 Mr. Ashok Dansana Higher Education for Sustainable Regional Development : A Case Study of Odisha.
06.02.2013 Mr. Sandeep Kumar

A Study of Human Rights Perspective in School Education.

30.01.2013 Mr. Rumesh Chander Methods of Learning Science.
24.01.2013 Ms. Bandita B. Mohanty A Study of the Evolution of Science Concepts among Students at the Elementary Level.
23.01.2013 Ms. Toolika Wadhwa Religious Commitments, Identity Development and Family Life Experiences of Young Adults from Inter-Religious Families.
16.01.2013 Ms. Charu Sharma Children's Representation of Nation: Theoretical Perspectives.
16.01.2013 Ms. Parul

Models Explaining Higher Education: Understanding Inequality among Scheduled Castes and Non Schedules Population in India.