Ph.D. Colloquia/Special Lectures/Seminars - 2014

Date Presenter Topic
23.04.2014 Mr. Ram Ekwal Singh A Comparative Study of Written English of Nepali and English Medium Learners of Higher Secondary Classes/Level
16.04.2014 Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Bhardwaj "आधुनिक हिंदी साहित्य में सामाजिक यथार्थ का निरुपण"
09.04.2014 Ms. Priyanka Aggarwal "Conceptual Exploration of No DEtention System:  An international Perspective and Context specific realities."
09.04.2014 Mr. Samaresh Bharaty "An Analysis of the Nature of Geography and Curricular Transaction of Practical Geography in Schools."
02.04.2014 Ms. Garima Bansal "Assessment, Curriculum, Pedagogy: Towards Conceptualising an Alternative Framework of Assessment."
26.02.2014 Ms. Namita Singhal "An Exploratory Study of the Nature and Scope of an Intercultural Approach (ICA) to English Language Teaching (ELT) in the Indian Context"
26.02.2014 Ms. Sangeeta Singh "Factors Influencing Communication Choices for Deaf Children"
12.02.2014 Prof. Jaya Kumar "The Physical Setting and Learning Environments for Primary School Children."
04.02.2014 Ms. Sonika Kaushik "Engagements with Literacy during the Pre-Primary years.
29.01.2014 Ms. Mamta Singhal "Representation of Nature of Science in the Undergraduate Science Courses and Teacher Education Programme (B.Ed.)".
22.01.2014 Ms. Nupur Samual "Dynamic Assessment of Working Skills of Undergraduate Students in an ESL Context".
15.01.2014 Ms. Anita Beniwal "Child with Dyslexia : An Analysis Study of Classroom Realities."
15.01.2014 Ms. Seema Sarohi "Conception of Citizenship in the Education of Teachers."
03.01.2014 Ms. Promita Roy 20 years of my journey with Gifted Young Minds:  What they taught me."