Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Examination


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B.Ed. Two Years Structure and Outline

Foundation Courses

 Ist Year

F.1 :  Education in Contemporary India

F.2 :  Human Development, Diversity and Learning

F.3 :  Conceptual Foundations of Education

F.4 :  Gender, School and Society

F.5 :  Knowledge, Disciplines and School Subjects

IInd Year

F.6 : The Inclusive School

F.7 : Assessment for Learning

 Pedagogy - I

P.1.1 : Language

P.1.2 : Science

P.1.3 : Mathematics

P.1.4: Social Science

P.1.5: Commerce

Pedagogy - II

P.2.1 : English

P.2.2 : Hindi

P.2.3 : Sanskrit

P.2.4 : Urdu

P.2.5 : Punjabi

P.2.6 : Physics

P.2.7 : Chemistry

P.2.8 : Biology

P.2.9 : Integrated Science

P.2.10 : Mathematics

P.2.11 : History

P.2.12 : Political Science

P.2.13 : Economics

P.2.14 : Geography

P.2.15 : Psychology

P.2.16 : Sociology

P.2.17 : Social Science

P.2.18 : Commerce

P.2.19 : Home Science

 Elective Courses

E.1 : Education for Mental Health

E.2 : Art Education

E.3 : Computer and Web Technologies in Education

E.4: Education and Technology

E.5: Environment Education

E.6: Human Rights in Education

E.7 : Peace Education

E.8 : Adolescence Education


EPC.1 : Art, Craft and Aesthetics

EPC.2 : Critical Understanding of ICTs in Education

EPC.3 : Understanding Communication

EPC.4 : Yoga

This syllabus of two options (EPC.1and  EPC.2) has been approved. The syllabi for more options can be drawn by different institutions.