Master of Education (M.Ed.)


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        M.Ed. Two Years Structure and Outline


I.     Research Methods

R.1       Introduction to Research Methods in Education

R.2.1    Quantitative Methods in Educational Research (More Courses to be added)

II.    Perspectives Courses

        Compulsory Perspective Papers (First year)

P.1    Philosophy of Education

P.2    Sociology of Education

P.3    Personality, Learning and Cognition : A Foundational Perspective

P.4    Teaching and Teacher Education: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

P.5    Any one of the following Courses (Second Year)

P.5.1    Education and Society in South Asia

P.5.2    Revisiting Psychology in Education 

P.5.3    Economy, Politics, and Education

P.5.4    Perspectives in History and History of Education

P.5.5    Curriculum Research  and  Development

P.5.6    Marginalization, Schooling, and Education 

III.  Specialization Courses

(a)    Maths Education

        S.Ma.1(a)    Introduction to Mathematics Education 

        S.Ma.2(a)    Mathematics Curriculum : Development and Analysis


(b)    Educational Technology

        S.Et.1(b)    Basic Educational Technology

        S.Et.2(b)    Advanced Educational Technology


(c)    Social Science Education

        S.Ss.1(c)    Epistemological and Conceptual Framework of Social Science Education

        S.Ss.2(c)    Social Science Learning in Elementary School

        S.Ss.3(c)    Social Science in Secondary and Senior Secondary School


(d)    Language and Literacy Education

        S.Ll.1(d)     Language Education

        S.Ll.2(d)     Foundations of Reading and Writing

        S.Ll.3(d)     Language Perspectives and Challenges

        S.Ll.4(d)     Early Literacy Theory and Practice


(e)    Science Education

        S.Sc.1(e)    Introduction to Science Studies

        S.Sc.2(e)    Environmental Education and Biology

        S.Sc.3(e)    Science Education Policy and Practice


(f)    Inclusion

        S.Inc.1(f)    Inclusion, School, and Pedagogy

        S.Inc.2(f)    Diverse Abilities : Issues and Perspectives

        S.Inc.3(f)    Inclusion in Education: Context and Continuity


(g)    Social Theory of Education

        S.St.1(g)    Social Theory of  Education : Conceptual Issues and Debates

        S.St.2(g)    Social Theory of  Education  : Emerging Issues and Trends


(h)    Curriculum

        S.Curr.1(h)     Knowledge, Curriculum and Pedagogy 


(i)    Art Education

        S.Art.1(i)     Art Education : Theoretical Construct     

        S.Art.2(i)     Art Education : Child, School and Pedagogy


(j)    Comparative and International Education

        S.CInt.1(j)    Epistemological and Conceptual Framework of Comparative and International Education

        S.CInt.2(j)    Issues in Comparative and International Education


(k)    Culture and Education

        S.Cul.1(k)    Culture, Cognition and  Education


(l)    Experimental Research and Evaluation

        S.Exp.1(l)    Educational Evaluation and Psychometry

        S.Exp.2(l)    Experimental Research in Education


(m)   Information and Communication Technologies

        S.Ic.1(m)    Information and Communication Technologies in Education  : Theoretical Basis 

        S.Ic.2(m)    Information and Communication Technologies in Education  : Approaches and Applications


(n)    Equality and Education

        S.Ee.1(n)    Equality and Education : Sociological Perspectives

        S.Ee.2(n)    Gender and Education